Proper Nutrition and Weight Loss: Tips From Dietitians

A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are a good impact on the health and appearance. What if you cannot lose weight? Weight loss doctor answers our questions.

In our country, people are thrown into crash diets; the first day they stop eating sweets, meat or sometimes go to the extent of not eating at all. How are such abrupt changes good for health?

You’re right. Unfortunately, most people, especially women, want to lose weight now and immediately. And this is because they are not even aware of the dangers that can arise due to their rapid weight loss. It is important to consult aesthetic services before planning anything.

If we quickly reduce the weight, then we lose the most valuable thing – quality protein muscles, the heart, which is harmful to the body. It is because the body we miser, it is easier and easier to “burn” muscle protein, spending work just 1100 calories, while as the fact that “burn” one kilogram of fat has 7500 calories required. Therefore, with a sharp decrease of weight, we lose weight, not only and not so much at the expense of fat, but mainly due to the water and muscle mass.

We are bipedal; that is, our bodies hang in bunches that contain fat. With a sharp decrease in the weight of the fat away quickly, ligaments sag, not having to be reduced, and this leads to the omission of bodies – quite a common complication after a dramatic weight loss.

The sharp limitation of food – this is not a healthy lifestyle, and stress on the body, especially the emotional as well as food – the most affordable pleasure for many. Depriving yourself of pleasure, many fall into depression, which is called “dietary.”

It spoils the character, there are conflicts, and it all leads to breakdowns and overeating. Several types of research have shown that if, before the start of the diet about 40% of people have those or other psychological problems, which are called “eating disorders,” after the beginning of the diet for 100% of the people has such violations.

There are aesthetic services issues – if the fat that has formed our cheeks and chins, goes too fast, the skin and the muscles do not have time to be reduced, and this leads to skin sagging. Severe restrictions on food – a reduction of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, affects the liver, kidneys, heart, immunity decreases, can form gallstones. It does not look like a proper diet.

As you can see, a lot of complications, so the advice to readers: get ready to gradually move to a good diet, to get used to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight for a long time.

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